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Dead in the Family – Charlaine Harris

Book 10 is here in the Sookie Stackhouse books!  This one shed light on a lot of what was hinted on in the previous books.  Sookie and Eric are working on their relationship, they have trials just like everyone does.

The shapeshifters are facing many of the same problems the vamps did when they came out to the world.

I would give this about 3 stars.  It was ok, but not action packed like the previous books in the series.



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Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris

If you liked the Twilight series, and still like vampires, you’ll love Dead and Gone!  This is book 9 in the Southern Vampire Series.   Book 10 is due out in the next few months!  Sookie Stackhouse – the main non-vampire character, is trying to get things figured out for herself.  But her relationship with the viking vampire has made some intresting turns!  You will need to start with book 1 in the series to understand what has been going.  But I assure you that it is so worth it!

If you have seen the show True Blood- it is based on these books! 

I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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