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Dear John – Nicholas Sparks

Wow, I am liking Nicholas Sparks more and more.  In Dear John, a young man (John) wants more out of life than his usual day to day activites.  He ends up following after what his dad recomended and joined the army.  When he was half way through his time, on leave he meets a girl.  She has shown him so much.  They promise to write to each other often. 

A year later, he comes and meets her folk.  They promise that when he is out of the serivce, they’ll get married.  Then September 11 happens.  He signs up for two more years, and she’s left with a broken heart.  Will love conquer all?  Find out!

I give this 4.5 stars.  I will be reading this more, maybe not when my own man is deployed.


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The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

This book hit close to home for me.  Each chapter follows a different character form their POV (point of view).  Ronnie and her brother had been sent down to their father’s house for the summer.  Their parents had divorced three years prior.  Then she meets Will.  Its one of those loves that you know is real.  At first Ronnie didn’t want to talk to her father, let alone be in the same house.  Gradually, she does start talking to him.  It ended with me in tears (you will definately need the tissues for this one).  I give this a 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

And I think I’m going to try to see the movie version.

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The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

The Wedding is a lesser known novel by Nicholas Sparks. This is a follow-up to his more famous story, The Notebook. When I read The Notebook, I didn’t think I’d ever like another of his books more. I was wrong.

While Jane busies herself with planning the perfect wedding for her daughter, her husband, Wilson is busy planning something of his own. This is one of my favorite love stories and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.

The Wedding gets 4.5 stars. Enjoy!

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